Truly confident, self-assured women approach life and love in their own way. They are not just more successful professionally, but also in their relationships and love life. This is because they understand the value of who they are and what they have to offer in any situation.

So, let’s uncover the 10 ways they love that come naturally.

She doesn’t doubt herself

She doesn’t waste time on negative thinking about herself or assuming she did something wrong. She gives her love optimistically.

She isn’t afraid to ask the tough questions first

Similarly, she doesn’t doubt her partner. If she is unsure, she requests what clarification she needs.

She trusts and respects her partners

She treats her partner with the courtesy she would expect for herself. She won’t invade your privacy, she will treat your things with respect and she won’t send you a hundred texts when you are out of her sight.

She manages her expectations

She is willing to be open to different situations. Things won’t always cater to her, and she gets that—she is not creating unrealistic expectations that her partner has to live up to.

She builds solid boundaries

She values her time with you. She sets and maintains her limits with others so you can both have space and time for each other. She is always supportive but she won’t be taken advantage of.

She pushes for better

In the spirit of growth, she works hard to improve herself daily and she encourages you to be your best self as well.

She is not too proud to be kind

She chooses to be compassionate, over being right, in an argument. She understands the importance of listening and being thoughtful.

She remains in service 

She gives her time and efforts without tracking and keeping tabs on yours. She knows that to give without wanting anything in return will bring the most love into the relationship.

She forgives you without holding a grudge

Everyone makes mistakes. The self-assured woman will accept a genuine apology and move past the anger and hurt. She will be willing to forgive you and …

She keeps her word

You can count on the self-assured woman to take her vows seriously, which means she will keep her promises to herself and to you.


This article was originally published on womenworking.com/profile/leena-roy/