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    Leena is truly a gifted coach. She will push me if she can tell I'm holding myself back, but she won't push me so hard that I panic or get discouraged. Now I have a clear grasp on my goals and how to push through the stumbling blocks that can prevent me from reaching those goals. My monthly income has doubled, and I am overall happier, healthier, and more organized. I'm accomplishing more than I thought was possible, and I'm forever grateful for her help!

    Hilary M., New York, NY
    Personal Trainer/ Fitness Specialist

    Leena has been my coach and friend for several years through some very difficult periods in my life. And her coaching has brought about some remarkable transformations in my life which I had never thought I would have, in my career, my relationships and also personally. She provided me with good advice and unconditional support which is the hallmark of any great coach. She brings a disciplined approach to coaching which helped me address life challenges in a structured way, making changes more sticky and sustainable. She is also refreshingly pragmatic - I remember I was having issues with my landlord and was feeling very inferior thinking that I lacked something that I could not manage the landlord relationship better. She made me understand with real examples that people do deal with difficult landlords and that it wasn’t my fault alone. She also helped me uncover the things that I could do to shift my behavior. Her approach made me feel more empowered, and ultimately helped me find a new living situation in a better frame of mind. This is only a small example - she has helped me in much bigger ways. But it is representative of her light-handed but very effective steering of my life in the right direction. Today I have the most amazing landlord in the whole world, a new relationship and a successful career path. I highly recommend Leena as your life coach.

    S.M., San Francisco, CA
    Product Manager

    Leena Roy is smart, engaging, intuitive and was always 100% focused on me. She’s an excellent listener and she inspired me to make some big changes in my life. Not only did she move me to take action, she really cared about my success. I knew that she was always in my camp and that she really ‘got’ me. After working with Leena, I felt less stressed, had greater confidence and felt more in control of my life. 

    Robin D
    Executive Luxury Sales Director, Performance Coach / Manhattan, NY