Let’s be honest. For most of us, the mornings are TOUGH – whether you have kids to get ready for school, family to feed or just yourself to put together. Between sleeping late (Netflix, again!) and snoozing, mornings end up becoming a hectic mad dash around the house. But since we are smart women, we can figure out nine things to do before 9 a.m. that are super important, and take no time at all!

1) Set your alarm a little earlier (0 mins)

Just adding an extra half hour to your morning can change the tone from crazy to calm. Going to sleep sooner may take a little more getting used to.

2) Drink two glasses of water (2 min)

Re-hydrate your body after a long night’s sleep and energize your cells with a quick practice of drinking water in the morning. Add some lemon juice for some pH goodness

3) Pay gratitude (1 min)

Give thanks to one thing in your life you feel blessed by, and tune back into it at any point in the day when you feel down.


4) Start moving (10 mins)

We don’t all have time to hit the gym for a full workout in the morning. If that’s the case, find a quick circuit that gets your blood pumping and puts you in the zone

5) Get your mind right (1 min)

As you are getting ready in the morning, use this time to remind yourself of your intention. Connect with what matters to you and inspires you to settle into your motivating mental space.

6) Look at your day ahead (5 mins)

Glance at your calendar and to-do list to get a quick sense of what your day looks like. Add in anything that you think needs to get done today and the time it needs to be done by.

7) Nourish yourself (5 mins)

Eat something nutritious for breakfast; nurture your body. Plan ahead for a healthy choice that is easy to grab and go. If you love a smoothie, have the ingredients ready to toss into your blender.

8) Plan one step towards a long-term goal (5 mins)

Think about one thing you can do today towards that goal, however big or small it may be. For example, quick internet research towards an upcoming project.

9) Perform an act of kindness (3 mins)

As you step out of the house and head to work or to errands, find a way to perform a noble deed—something as simple as assisting a stranger or letting someone go first who is also in a rush.

There you go with just 30 minutes set aside you have transformed your morning and set the tone for the rest of your day.

Have a great day!


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