Letter from Leena

My mission is to empower and elevate every professional to achieve their highest potential.

At Choice Over Chance, our mission is to empower and elevate every mid-level manager and professional to achieve their highest potential.  Our purpose is to make sure you find the choices that are right for you – we don’t leave anything to chance!
With dual credentials as a Certified Professional Coach and Chartered Financial Analyst, I am the founder of Leena Roy Coaching Services providing Leadership and Life Coaching services across the US and internationally. With over 15 years on Wall Street and 5 years experience as a Professional Coach, I know most of you, like me, don’t fit into any conventional boxes. And that means we get to create the most powerful journey of our CHOICE together.  
My commitment is to enhance the quality of your life by giving you tools and techniques that you can use right now to start exceeding expectations today in your career and your life.  You will gain the control to SHIFT into your highest self, wherever you choose. The most powerful part? Once you learn the process, you can’t un-learn it.
Leadership development is as much about as self-development and finding the leader of your life within.  As a professional coach, I have many techniques and strategies for success in my tool-kit for you.  Studying the Vedas, the ancient Indian philosophy that guides the art of living, I know every first step comes from self-awareness and controlling the mind and facing your fears. My coaching process is results-driven with a focus on inner peace.  What that means for you is a new mindset creating sustainable transformations. You get to DREAM BIG and I get to support you to create a measureable action plan to convert those dreams into reality. Together we will A.I.M. SMART!  
Energetic shifts, from releasing the past and breakthroughs, create new possibilities. For this reason, I chose to train at the International Coach Federation approved IPEC Institute, a prestigious organization offering the only Core Energy Coaching program, an experiential model designed to elevate you to your highest energy level and productivity.

I could not WAIT to start sharing what I learnt so you can learn it too.  I care deeply about your process. Together, we can talk about not leaving our lives up to chance, together we can start to choose Your Outrageous Results!!!
Through mentoring young women and teens at Unlocking Futures Inc. and facilitating at the Momentum Education Leadership Programs, I truly discovered that we are each a teacher and a student at heart.I have learned through my own life. I successfully designed peace and work-life balance for myself, faced major life transitions and navigated my way up the leadership ranks of corporate America to Chief Credit Officer. I enjoyed the tribulations of NYC singlehood and dating and now share a passionate, beautiful, loving relationship with my life partner. The best way through life is to LIVE IT, with love and courage.
The thing I always remember is I didn’t get here on my own. It’s my joy to always pay forward with gratitude. Not only am I here to share with you everything I have learnt that has contributed to my success, I promise to always bring my best self to the table.
I have been called the SWEETEST and TOUGHEST leadership coach you could ever want – you will feel SAFE and INSPIRED TO DO MORE than you have ever done before!
The difference between BEING and BECOMING is DOING … so let’s get out there and start making some powerful choices!

Choose Love,

Ready to Share your Vision with Leena?

Step out of the Comfort Zone – Make your Vision also your Mission – Learn the three Pillars that drive true A.C.T.ion.



Discover tools to Assess your options With New Clarity.

Leena will guide you to fully evaluate any situation, a relationship or a challenge.
  • Tools for in-depth analysis
  • What is the worst that can happen if you say yes or no ?
  • What is your true motivation?
  • Who or what else does your decision impact?
  • Are you driven by love or by fear?


Learn to Choose With conviction and remain aligned with your life purpose.

Leena will provide you with a blueprint of skillful decision-making.
  • Aligned with life purpose?
  • Fulfilling a value that serves you?
  • Move forward or backwards in the bigger picture?
  • Growth and peace oriented?
  • Energy booster?
  • Emotional engagement?


Start to Trust yourself and create your own Transformation

Leena will break you out of the loop of self-doubt so you can own your choices.
  • Trust is a leap of faith without evidence
  • Trust allows you to move past fear
  • Trust that you already POSSESS everything you need.
  • The meaning some thing takes is the meaning we give it, so why not a positive interpretation?

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