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Staying Calm…A Few of My Favorite Things

MINDFULNESS, GRATITUDE, INTENTION It’s March and I can already hear the anxious buzz in my head and around me “it’s already March, Q2 is coming!!” and “how is the year going by so fast?”  The reality of daily life has interrupted the projects we started in Jan, the gym schedule, the diet, the deadlines for [...]

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10 ways to improve your health

While, there are many, many ways to improve your health, here are 10 to get started. 1. Be Accountable: Your health and well-being is your responsibility. You can not blame your general health on fast food restaurants, rainy days or a bad mood. Your choices, each and every one, determine how well you feel and [...]

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10 Ways a Self-Assured Woman Loves Differently

POWERFUL, RELATIONSHIP, LOVE Truly confident, self-assured women approach life and love in their own way. They are not just more successful professionally, but also in their relationships and love life. This is because they understand the value of who they are and what they have to offer in any situation. So, let’s uncover the 10 [...]

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5 Ways of Being to Help you Save this Holiday Season

FINANCIAL RESPONSIBILITY, TIPS FOR SAVING AND BUDGETING As we head into the fall season, before we know it holiday shopping will be on top of us, along with the stress that seems to accompany our loving gifts.   How do we manage to give while saving?  Exercise new ways of being this holiday season.  Being responsible [...]

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9 Things Smart Women Do Before 9 AM

GETTING ENERGIZED EVERY MORNING Let’s be honest. For most of us, the mornings are TOUGH – whether you have kids to get ready for school, family to feed or just yourself to put together. Between sleeping late (Netflix, again!) and snoozing, mornings end up becoming a hectic mad dash around the house. But since we are [...]

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5 Things Highly Confident Women Never Put Up With

CONFIDENT, LEADERSHIP, RESPECT We all have a confident woman inside of us, our inner crazy-in-love Beyonce (Thank you, Mindy Kaling) – sometimes we may lose sight of her as we try to stay afloat in these muddy urban waters, we forget she is there until we are suddenly faced with that situation – the one [...]

5 Ways the Warrior Woman Armors Up Against Rejection

NAVIGATING THROUGH THE PAIN OF REJECTION The brave and confident woman is typically up to some BIG things. Which means she stopped playing it safe and got out of her comfort zone. And guess what happens when we jump into the fire? Sometimes we can get burnt! Bad reviews, hurtful feedback, break-ups and blow-offs - [...]

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Small Things To Do Each Day To Increase Happiness

CREATE JOY IN YOUR DAILY LIFE My grandmother is one of the most vibrant and giving people I have ever met. She in unabashedly joyful in her life. I see her embrace her family and new people at the temple without hesitation. She has helped raise many of her grandkids and was the first one [...]

Six Reasons to Trust your Sixth Sense

LEARNING TO LISTEN TO THAT INNER VOICE Making sane and balanced decisions in the midst of juggling multiple balls and reeling from the sensory overloads of our smartphones, may often seem like a lost cause. Except when every once in a while, the wings of intuition come fluttering to our side. All of a sudden, [...]

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5 Relationship Pitfalls to Avoid

BUILD THE RELATIONSHIP OF YOUR DREAMS Social media makes it seem like relationships are one long love-fest of family dinners, traveling around and selfies in the sunset. As you find yourself battling angers, frustrations and jealousies, you may be wondering when did it all go so wrong? The truth is that most couples are navigating [...]

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