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7 Keys to Being a Classy Woman

UNLOCKING YOUR INNER CLASSY When I think of being classy, I immediately conjured up Michelle Obama in my mind. If you aren’t exactly sure what classy looks like, consider her elegance, poise, grace and confidence.  Classy women project these qualities innately. It’s the way she dresses, but it’s more than that, its also the way [...]

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Warning Signs that you are Doing Too Much

HOW TO KNOW IT'S TIME TO SLOWDOWN Are the years flying by and the days melding into one long list of things and places to-do, to-go, and to-buy? Have low-level feelings of guilt and anxiety become your constant companions? It is never easy to take certain things off your plate, but you might be doing [...]

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9 Habits to Curb Negative Thinking

HOW TO MOVE FROM DARKNESS TO LIGHT Within minutes of a single negative thought bubbling up, like shaking soda, our minds can fizz itself up, causing an uncontrolled spill or negative outburst. The consequences can be spoiling your mood or day to impacting your relationships, workspace, and career path. While we may not always be [...]

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5 Comebacks for People who Talk Behind your Back

MANAGING GOSSIP AT THE WORKPLACE Is there a nasty gossip hanging about the water cooler at your office? While it is usually better to ignore and not validate people talking behind your back, there are times at work that a professional response is required to address the situation. Here are five ways to tackle it: [...]

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10 Positive Phrases Bound to Attract

ATTRACTING THE THINGS YOU WANT IN LIFE There is something that attracts us all to positivity, like the warm sun on a chilly day. Here are ten positive phrases that you can use in your speech to help draw your listener in and hold attention: I’m grateful for you...This is a show of appreciation and [...]

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Why Confident Women Aren’t Afraid to Ask for Help

ASKING FOR HELP IS NOT A WEAKNESS Not only is the confident woman not afraid to ask for help, she also encourages and embraces all the help she can get. She understands the benefits of having a team involved usually outweighs those of getting it all done herself. It is okay for her not to know [...]

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5 Things Confident Women Keep Secret

DISCRETION IS THE BETTER PART OF VALOUR Discretion is often the hallmark of a confident, classy woman. She knows the importance of keeping some things under wraps and away from the spotlight. Here are five things the confident woman knows to keep secret: Other people’s secrets: A confident woman may have many friends and those [...]

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6 Signs you’re Doing Too Much and Need to Slow Down

Life often seems to feel like one long rush, rush, rush of trying to get all our work done, managing all our commitments, meeting our goals as we squeeze in social events and networking at the same time. As you look around, everyone else is doing it too and it starts to feel normal. But [...]

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5 Habits to Grow your Confidence

BUILDING BLOCKS FOR SELF-CONFIDENCE If negative habits can cause a downward spiral in confidence, positive habits can keep growing your confidence. Here are five practices that can allow you to always do and be your best! Address difficult conversations Knowing it may not be the popular move, but still dealing with that prospect and having [...]

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Feeling Shaky? (Insecure) These 5 Habits Might Be to Blame

Confidence can be part of a vicious cycle: the less confidence you have, the more you want to stay away from a challenge, and the less you try challenging tasks, the less chance you have to build up your confidence! Confidence is the belief in one’s abilities, and that belief is grounded in knowledge and [...]

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