Life often seems to feel like one long rush, rush, rush of trying to get all our work done, managing all our commitments, meeting our goals as we squeeze in social events and networking at the same time. As you look around, everyone else is doing it too and it starts to feel normal. But is it working for you?

Here are six indicators it may be time to slow down!

Can’t find 10 mins to stretch

Your calendar and mind are so overloaded, you can’t even fit in 10 minutes to do something for yourself, even if it’s something like stretching or another relaxation technique.

Missing meals

Between work deadlines and late nights, you never have time for breakfast and often miss lunch too. It’s hard on our bodies to rejuvenate and stick to a balanced diet when we miss meals and compensate with large, unhealthy dinners.

Your phone never actually rings with anything fun

Not only does your best friend never call you for fun chats and catch up sessions anymore, she doesn’t think to call you when she really needs something. She already knows you’re probably super busy, and while she’s not judging you, she also doesn’t want to add to the burden you seem to be carrying.

A lot of sleeping bodies

While you never seem to get enough sleep, there are a lot of sleeping bodies around you – at night when you get home and in the morning when you wake up at the crack of dawn to get going before everyone else is up.

Dropping the ball

You notice more often than not lately that it’s been you dropping the ball, missing an important detail or not communicating clearly. It’s not that you became incompetent overnight, you just have too much on your plate these days.

That feeling in the pit of your stomach

That feeling in the pit of your stomach that used to be excitement and butterflies has shifted to anxiety and maybe mild nausea. The stress has slowly turned into acid in your stomach eating away at the lining and your joy!

There are always so many signs we need to slow down, we usually need to just pick one to listen to and actually make it happen!


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