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6 Secrets to Take You from Mediocre to Highly Successful

SHIFT INTO SUCCESS AND EXCELLENCE I know we all hear about exercising and meditation being great habits, but what are some of the other SECRET rules that successful people follow every day? 1) Successful people don’t give in to every impulse. They live mindfully and have the ability to self-regulate. It may sound hard, but [...]

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9 Negative Habits that can Derail your Career

HOW TO AVOID SELF-SABOTAGE AT WORK Sometimes we derail ourselves without even realizing it. So, this is a reality checklist for you to see if you have been unknowingly sabotaging your career and professional growth: 1) Being late: Being late to work regularly or to meetings can taint your reputation for professionalism. Take a few [...]

50 Shades of “No”

SAYING NO THE RIGHT WAY What do we really mean when we say ‘no’?  When it comes to our careers, we frequently don’t actually mean ‘never’ when we say no, yet that is what our co-workers often hear. So how can we soften our NO and say exactly what we mean? Not now A no [...]

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3 Reasons Warrior Women Do Not Buy into Shame

Shame and guilt are often confused with each other, and yet they are completely different in how they make us feel about ourselves. Guilt serves to remind us that we have moved away from our value, and have perhaps made a choice that was not aligned with our best selves. This allows you to acknowledge, [...]

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4 Ways for Introverts to Be More Assertive

SUCCESS TIPS FOR INTROVERTS For the introvert in the workplace caught in a world full of outgoing self-promoters, it can feel like a constant effort to be heard, understood and respected. Corporate culture tends to reward those most visible and vocal, so here are 4 quick strategies for an introvert to insert herself into the [...]

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Things Not to Say to your Female Colleagues

As powerful women, respectful and mindful of our female colleagues, there are some subjects that should be no-gos for comments in the workplace. If you have nothing to say to your co-worker who happens to be a woman, just talk about the weather. But steer clear of the old traps and stereotypes. Here’s how. Avoid [...]

3 Words Confident Women NEVER Say and 3 Words they Always Use

BEING CLEAR, INFLUENTIAL LANGUAGE We all know that language is a crucial communication tool. The powerful use of words can be influential in a crowd and at the workplace, as well as in our daily lives. But it isn’t just about getting a point across to the world: words are the building blocks for our [...]

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5 Signs That You’re Not Just Tired, You’re Bored

CHALLENGE YOURSELF, FIND YOUR PASSION When you frequently feel worn-out and lack enthusiasm, it may be time to ask yourself what is truly going on. Sometimes we do too much – to the point of exhaustion. Other times, we simply lose interest in our activities, which can lead to those same feelings of lethargy. Understanding [...]

Doing Love Differently: 5 Things to Make your Relationship Last

LOVE, RELATIONSHIP, COMPASSION We all love being in love, the excitement of having found the one, the adoration you see in your partner's eyes is the best high in the world – the joy of being present in this moment. It’s hard to imagine how ANYTHING could change this special bond. And, yet, it does.  [...]

5 Rules Quality Women Live By

SUCCESS, LEADERSHIP, VALUES A quality woman exudes poise and grace. She seems impossibly put together in every way. What we may not know is that below her “flawless” exterior are careful discipline and a remarkable strength of character. She promises to live by these five rules. Rule #1 – Own your success She has worked [...]

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