A quality woman exudes poise and grace. She seems impossibly put together in every way. What we may not know is that below her “flawless” exterior are careful discipline and a remarkable strength of character. She promises to live by these five rules.

Rule #1 – Own your success

She has worked hard to get to where she is today, and she doesn’t hide behind any false modesty. She works with excellence and is excited to celebrate her wins. She speaks up when it’s needed and isn’t afraid to put her own unique brand out there.

Rule #2 – Command but never demand

In a relationship, she doesn’t need to request for her partner’s love or attention. She receives all of the respect she deserves by being her true and loving self.

Rule #3 – Take the high road

In conflict or competition, she understands the value of living by her own principles. She never chooses to stoop to the level of those following a path she does not believe in.

Rule #4 – Be mindful of inside and outside manners

The quality woman follows proper etiquette at home and otherwise. This continues to build her name and puts people around her at ease. They know they can count on her to treat others with equality, respect and fairness.

Rule #5 – Keep yourself honest

Even when it’s tough, she tells the truth. She can admit when she’s wrong and practices living with integrity. A clear conscience does a lot more for glowing skin and sparkling eyes than any highlighter or mascara can.


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