When you frequently feel worn-out and lack enthusiasm, it may be time to ask yourself what is truly going on. Sometimes we do too much – to the point of exhaustion. Other times, we simply lose interest in our activities, which can lead to those same feelings of lethargy. Understanding which case it is can help us troubleshoot our lives – should we be doing less or just be doing something different?

Here are five signs to identify.

Making mistakes

You find yourself making mistakes in your work, missing details and losing focus in meetings—yet you don’t really feel that overwhelmed or overworked. Most likely, you are no longer challenged after doing the same process over and over again for too long. The boredom has literally numbed your mind, making it hard to pay attention at work. It’s certainly a sign you need change.

Rarely active in your daily life

You have settled into a sedentary way of life. You realize you aren’t really doing much else in your daily life because of how tired you are after work. You no longer exercise, meet friends or volunteer. Although staying home allows you to rest, not having activities to look forward to can land you in a rut of boredom that drains your joy and energy.

Experiencing relationship boredom

After years together, it is normal to feel familiarity with your partner. You already sense their comments and the jokes they are going to make. Knowing someone so intimately has gone from being exciting to (yawn) … boring. If you find yourself “too tired” to go out with your partner and it’s much easier to just watch TV at home, it may be time to check in with each other.

Haven’t learned anything new in ages

If you haven’t picked up a new idea or skill in your relationship or at work, or even in your personal life, it’s more than likely you are involved in the same old, same old. It might be time to take a class or travel to a new city.

You can’t stop yawning

Even when you have slept a full night’s sleep, you can’t stop yawning. When we are not connected to what we are doing or listening, our mind checks out and begins to feel tired faster. It’s a sure sign you’re bored and need to switch lanes soon.


We all get stuck in our comfort zones and it can be exhausting to get out but staying in the zone overtime can drain your energy too. So it’s time to ask yourself, are you truly tired or just bored, and what are you going to do about it?

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