I know we all hear about exercising and meditation being great habits, but what are some of the other SECRET rules that successful people follow every day?

1) Successful people don’t give in to every impulse. They live mindfully and have the ability to self-regulate. It may sound hard, but with practice, it becomes a no-brainer as they grow personally to eat well and take care of their minds and bodies on a daily basis.

2) They do ask for feedback. To learn daily and work on self-improvement. It’s a continual journey they embrace without being defensive. It is no good to have advisors or team members who only agree with you, because where is the growth in that?

3) They do take small breaks. Not at the end of the week or month, but everyday small breaks to take a walk, chat with a friend, cooking or even a nap can go a long way to relax your mind. These breaks are important to refresh your mind, step away from the task and come back with more energy and perspective.

4) They do their research. Successful leaders don’t depend on someone else to do the work or give them answers. They know they need their own team to do the research and analysis to get the best and most suitable results. Research and review happens daily.

5) They pay attention to small details. Ultimately if we don’t handle our circumstances, our circumstances will handle us! There are minute details in our life and they require small amounts of daily attention. Don’t shirk the small stuff!

6) Successful people ask for help. They know that there are some projects you just can’t do alone. Or, it may be outside the area of their expertise, or they may already have too much on their plate, or they may recognize that someone else on the team has the perfect skills for the assignment. Whatever the reason, leaders are never afraid of sharing the load and the credit.


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