Discretion is often the hallmark of a confident, classy woman. She knows the importance of keeping some things under wraps and away from the spotlight. Here are five things the confident woman knows to keep secret:

Other people’s secrets: A confident woman may have many friends and those that share their past histories and fears with her. The confident woman knows to respect these secrets and keep them to herself.

How hard they work: While confident women make it look easy, often a lot of prep and hard work goes on behind the scenes. The confident woman is not one to complain or whine, she knows a job well done is reward enough.

Her wealth: A confident woman will never boast about her large backyard or bank balance. A showy display of wealth is antagonizing and breeds resentment. She maintains discretion in sharing personal stories that reflect this.

The things they do for other people: As a leader, the confident woman may go out of her way to help out a colleague or friend. The one thing they won’t do is make the person look bad or try to make themselves look better by bragging about it or making indirect comments alluding to the event.

Family conflicts: A confident woman certainly won’t air her dirty laundry in public. Family conflicts and dramas are meant to stay within the family and she knows that. Opening herself up to the scrutiny and judgement that follows sharing along those lines would only serve to tarnish her own reputation.

In this age of information and social media, it is hard to be clear what is private and what isn’t. Hold on to these guidelines and always err on the side of personal privacy.


This article was first published by https://www.womenworking.com/profile/leena-roy/