When I think of being classy, I immediately conjured up Michelle Obama in my mind. If you aren’t exactly sure what classy looks like, consider her elegance, poise, grace and confidence.  Classy women project these qualities innately.

It’s the way she dresses, but it’s more than that, its also the way she carries herself. It’s the things she says, but its more than that, its also how she says it, her pitch and her expressions. Its in her actions, but it’s more than that, it’s the way she behaves and her temperament.  The elements of classiness are not always easy to quantify, but we know a classy woman when we see her!

Use these seven keys to unlock your inner classy woman:

  • A classy woman has learnt the art of effective communication. She is articulate and well-spoken, with minimal use of slang and curse words. She doesn’t need to yell or shout over another person to make a point. She can admit when she’s wrong. In a heated situation, she is the one who stays calm and dignified. 
  • A classy woman is true to herself. She is authentic in her relationships. She doesn’t say things she does not mean. She lives aligned to her principles, in accordance to her sense of what is right and wrong. She understands the value of herself and her word, so she keeps her word. 
  • A classy woman is considerate of those around her. She is mindful of other people’s time and doesn’t keep them waiting. She doesn’t call her friends or dates at 1 am when they may be sleeping. She pays attention to those around her and offers her help and support where possible. 
  • A classy woman has manners! Whether its saying please or may I, not pushing ahead in lines, waiting to hold the door or not interrupting while someone else is speaking. She remembers to thank people for the support and generosities she receives, these small gestures that make a big difference to the recipient.
  • A classy woman dresses with taste. Beyond personal style, her outfits are thought out and put together. She won’t be heading to work with incomplete make-up, undone hair, a wrinkled dress or a tear in her panty hose. She dresses for the occasion, professional for work, demure for family gatherings and of course, a little sexy on date night!
  • A classy woman never brags. Whether she’s loaded or not, incredibly talented, she doesn’t need to brag about what she knows, how much money she has or all the trips she’s been going on. A classy woman understands the difference between sharing and bragging and always considers who her audience is. 
  • A classy woman is never a mean girl. She won’t be putting down team members or class mates to look better, she won’t be ridiculing you in public, she is not going to be a mean girl. She isn’t keeping tabs and scores about who did what. She rises above the pettiness to give what she is able and to receive with gratitude what is given to her.

No one said it would be easy but it’s time for our inner Classy Woman to take charge!


This article was first published on www.womenworking.com/profile/leena-roy/