If negative habits can cause a downward spiral in confidence, positive habits can keep growing your confidence.

Here are five practices that can allow you to always do and be your best!

Address difficult conversations

Knowing it may not be the popular move, but still dealing with that prospect and having a difficult conversation anyway allows you to build self-confidence in your ability to communicate and be honest, and most of all, to overcome your fears in that area.


Things often get hard in life, or tiring or painful or simply boring, and not giving up in those times and pushing yourself to see something through to the end creates a new belief in your mind. The faith that you can rise to a challenge builds confidence in your ability to do it next time as well.


Pursue excellence in sport or a musical instrument, for example, or just a process at work, by repeatedly investing time and effort into practice. By mastering your craft, whether it’s work or play, your confidence in your skill level and your ability to practice till perfect will give you a big boost.

Plan B

We are often afraid to try new things because we have no context for knowing how it will go and the uncertainty drives fear of eventual failure. Not trying or starting means we don’t have to face that fear. However, making it a habit to set up a Plan B, preparing for the second outcome, allows us to think ahead and build some courage to get started. This builds confidence as we don’t worry as much about the outcome and focus our energies on the process!


Taking care of our mind, body and soul can make a huge difference in how good we feel about ourselves. Whether we are exercising, eating well, getting enough rest and practicing spiritual development, all of these elements add to our overall sense of well-being. This is a strong contributing factor in our overall wellness and self-confidence.

Building small positive habits and stopping our minds from running away with doubts and anxieties, being present in our lives and accepting and loving the life we have, can all go a long way to make us more confident!


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