Not only is the confident woman not afraid to ask for help, she also encourages and embraces all the help she can get. She understands the benefits of having a team involved usually outweighs those of getting it all done herself.

It is okay for her not to know

She accepts she cannot know everything she always needs to know for her project to be successful and would rather get the subject matter experts involved. It also becomes a learning opportunity to work with a knowledgeable resource.

It is okay not to be able to do everything

She can admit it’s not possible or desirable always to do everything herself. There are people waiting to be asked for help, why not utilize them? Teamwork can facilitate efficiencies and enhance productivity.

Diversity means fresh ideas

Inviting helps brings diverse opinions and perspectives to the table. This can not only enrich the conversation but bring in fresh ideas and points of view. While the goal is to complete the project, the added value can be in the enhanced breadth and depth available to the team.

We already know what we know, by requesting assistance, what we don’t know or wasn’t aware of now suddenly becomes available. The confident woman knows that asking for help can only further strengthen and boost her skill set.


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