We all have a confident woman inside of us, our inner crazy-in-love Beyonce (Thank you, Mindy Kaling) – sometimes we may lose sight of her as we try to stay afloat in these muddy urban waters, we forget she is there until we are suddenly faced with that situation – the one that makes us spring to attention and makes us go, oh no, hell no!

For example when…People Don’t Give You a Straight Answer

This is one of my favorites (and closely interlinked with my article on passive-aggressive coworkers) because at work there is just so much of this! Whether it’s your team member who won’t take ownership or your friends being non-committal about plans, you know when you have heard enough to say oh no, hell no! The next time around the person who was made to face up to their behavior is likely to think twice before trying to pull that again with you.

For example when…People are Condescending

This can make a woman with a lot of ego see red. We face condescension from people who think they know better, look better, do better – whether it’s true or not. But a successful woman knows just how to nip it in the bud. Whether it’s by putting the person in their place, or by bringing it into the light that there is an attitude here that is not appreciated, or simply choosing to exit the situation. A confident woman knows she won’t put up with that, and it certainly doesn’t make her feel bad.

For example when… People Underestimate You

This has the reverse effect. When you are underestimated, the result can be overachieving to make a point or underachieving because who cares anyway? Neither of these are what a confident woman chooses. An accomplished woman doesn’t take it personally – another person’s opinion is just that, an opinion. She won’t let another person make a decision about what her skills or talents are, oh no hell no! She is grounded in her self-worth and in the end, she will show them through her work and actions.

For example when… When She can Make a Difference

Watching a peer getting overlooked time and again? A powerful woman doesn’t need to be asked to step in to rectify a situation. If it means coaching the peer or ensuring their voice gets heard too, she can take charge of the situation. This woman is a force to be reckoned with, and will not put up with holding back. She understands her efforts, attention and words are the difference.

For example when… When She isn’t Getting Paid What she Deserves

Oh no, hell no! While I am not advocating charging in and demanding money tomorrow morning, I am suggesting that a confident woman knows how to strategically plan, network, negotiate to get paid what she works hard to deserve. Compensation is not based just on education and technical skills – it rewards professional background, experience, rolodex of contacts, management skills and more – so don’t put yourself in a box of justifying if you are actually underpaid; the confident woman wouldn’t either!


So what have you been putting up with that you are is making you now say Oh no, hell no!?  Let’s share and empower each other!

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