4-Hour Power Day

//4-Hour Power Day


4-Hour Power Day

Four hours of action and results making it the most productive day - Be 4X as powerful!!


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4-Hour Power Day

Four hours of action and results making it the most productive day - Be 4X as powerful!!

If you are sold on the 4-day work week, then it should come as no surprise that it can just take FOUR hours to create a POWER DAY at the end of which you see actual gains!  This marathon package is INTENSE and RESULTS Oriented. The day is broken into four stages:

  • Name The Dream: A brainstorming, visioning, clarifying session.  Gathering all thoughts, identifying and creating the dream.
  • Paper & Pencil: Now your dream has a name, you get to take it from your mind to the drawing board. Leena creates a MIND MAP for you that will blow you away!   
  • Mapping: Once you see the bigger picture, it is time to break it down into actionable items with indicators and alerts, backup scenarios and research items
  • The Commitment: We all have plans, but the ones that happen are the ones we commit to. What is your commitment? During this part of the day, you get to declare powerful intentions, commitments and put support systems in place to make this work.

THIS is an AMAZING, POWERFUL day dedicated to YOUR DREAMS and making them a reality.  Whether it is a new business idea, an organizational goal, a fitness goal or a specialized branding rehaul, how often do we look back and wonder, what if? This is an opportunity to take the leap. If not now, when?

Client Testimonials

Leena Roy is smart, engaging, intuitive and was always 100% focused on me. She’s an excellent listener and she inspired me to make some big changes ...
Robin D, Manhattan, NY
Leena Roy is a great coach. When I worked with Leena, she helped me to realize that I had some deeply held limiting beliefs that were holding me back ...
Jacqui C, Brooklyn, NY
I decided to start coaching services with Leena Roy because I wanted to make significant changes in my life. Doing this has been one of the best inves...
Ramona A, Queens, NY

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