Just like once you’ve had the amazing version of something — an in-season strawberry, a pair of shoes, a great book — it’s hard to go back to the cheap knock-off, you understand the value of having powerful authentic people surround you, it is easy to pick out the fakers and the haters in a crowd despite the smiles.

And once you’ve recognized them, a confident woman takes them head-on.

Here’s why, and how.

Part of the solution

A confident woman realizes if she encourages a certain behavior, she too bears some responsibility for it. You’re either part of the solution or part of the problem. If a leader knows there are members on the team that are friendly to her face and talking behind her back, she knows it is a situation that might need to be nipped in the bud. She chooses to no longer enable the lack of integrity when faced with it.

Being fearless

As inherently social creatures, it’s sometimes difficult to decide to go against the grain of our natures. However, with self-confidence and strength comes the realization that some behavior is unacceptable. Fakeness, in the form of passive-aggression and lies, must be countered with directness and honesty. The confident woman is fearless and won’t put up with fake people, even if it means uncomfortable conversations.

No time for nonsense

A confident woman on the go tends to have limited time available for the various engagements and commitments in her life to begin with. o make sure she gets to spend the quality time she wants to with the special people in her life, she needs to prioritize. Ultimately she has to cut out the fakers, because sometimes, there is just simply no time for the nonsense!

The confident woman knows what matters to her, and what matters to her team. With a direct approach, she can root out the negativity to keep the mood positive, real and honest.


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