It is without a doubt that the language you use can drive the energy, intention, and control of a situation.  However, it is much deeper as well.  The way you are experienced in the world is greatly determined by your body language and your non-verbal communication, in fact outweighing your verbal communication.

Think about when you pause and take a second look at someone passing by or stop what you are doing to tune into a person speaking – it is often the confidence, attitude or a certain tone of voice that commands attention.  At the root of these externalities is powerful positive thinking!

The best part is – you can always choose to generate positive thinking AND you can start right away.

Here are some tenets that I live by and believe in:

Find the positive interpretation

All day long you unconsciously place meaning and judgment on people, issues and situations.  Start to become aware that the meaning anything has is the meaning you place.  You can choose a different meaning, an empowered interpretation every time.  So why not start right now?  It will immediately uplift your emotional balance.

You don’t make mistakes, mistakes make you

Instead of beating yourself up about something that you did not turn out as expected or desired, view it as a learning point.  Understand that you are a sum of each of your experiences and each experience is available to elevate you.  Choose resilience over resignation.

Forget about the imaginary spotlight

When you go through the day worrying about your hair, your pimple or the jacket that is not fitting you right and what everyone else must be thinking about it…. Stop yourself!  Yeah right!  There is no spotlight that lasts 24/7 except the one you are shining on yourself.  Turn off the glare of self-judgment and focus on what is really important in the present moment.  The moment you become present, you open yourself up to greater possibilities.

Focus on what you have, not what you don’t

Be grateful!  Nothing is more powerful than love and gratitude.  Be grateful and appreciative of what you have right now.  To chase after what is not there right now is an endless pursuit of futility.  It will never be enough.  Understand that what you have is not only beautiful but enough, and when enough is enough, the rest never matters.  You can stand strong in your convictions when you are grounded in the awareness.

When you live by powerful though tenets, the way you show up in the world shifts.  With higher energy and laws of attraction bringing you what you need, you will see your results change.  Email me to tell me what shows up for you!

Samples of language that represent power, direction, vision, and commitment:

  •  “I can accomplish …”
  • “I am making progress …”
  • “I am focusing on …”
  •  “Our plan is …”
  • “We expect to …”
  • “The next step is …”


Avoid phrases that are ambiguous, create distrust and uneasiness for the speaker and the listener.  These contain blame and despair in them:

  • “I try to …”
  • “Why can’t we …”
  • “If only we could …”
  • “Maybe if…”
  • “I wish, I hope, I thought …”