Let’s be real, when we are unhappy at work we can’t help but wonder about greener pastures. We daydream about telling our boss that we are OUT of here, and how sweet that is going to feel. Reading through job descriptions online, you start to get excited about all the shiny, new possibilities out there! Work that seems so much more interesting and fulfilling is just a few interviews away. However, quitting is a big decision and should be well thought out. Before you stride out into the sunset, let’s make sure you can answer the following questions!

What will you do next for money?

Regardless of the frustration we feel, money is a very real factor to consider when we decide to quit our jobs. If you have a new, better-paid job lined up, that’s the best-case scenario we all want. But if not, consider if you might be forced to take a pay cut to escape the current situation. And if you’re starting your own thing, it’s time to be realistic. Are you mentally and financially prepared to support yourself? In short, can you afford to quit your job or are you better off where you are?

Can you work things out?

Is the situation truly impossible or can you work things out? Sometimes, we are overwhelmed at work or feel undervalued and that we’ve reached our limits. It may not seem like it initially, but with some reflection you might find ways to work things out – perhaps by communicating your concerns, or switching your role or manager if those are options.

Are you next in line?

You’ve been with the same team for over 10 years, it’s starting to feel stale and too comfortable. While it may be time to start looking elsewhere, you may also be very close to moving into a leadership position in your current team. Sometimes we leave just before a big promotion that’s due. If you’re close, it may be worth just hanging in a little bit longer!

Do you just need a vacation?

Are you overworked and burnt out from the stress? Sometimes we need a mental break from major projects or even the tensions around a major transitions at the workplace.  Its tough to break away at these junctures but even a day or two off can go a long way to refresh the mind and spirit!

You like almost everything?

You are thrilled with the work you do, the benefits and flexibility of the role, and it even pays well. There is just one thing: our manager doesn’t seem impressed by what you have to offer and you feel constantly micromanaged, like you don’t think you’ll last long-term. Truth is, anywhere you go, you will have challenges to encounter. If almost everything works, then you may want to think twice before quitting.

What’s your long-term career goal?

You’re not sure what the next step is in your career and you feel your back against the wall. The best option seems to be to quit! But before you jump the gun, do you know what you really want to do instead? If there are benefits to staying, it might be worth hanging on while you figure out what your next step should be with a cool head and no money worries!

So before you plunge down the path of the Big Q, spend some time reflecting and making sure you really understand why, what’s involved and what’s next for you.


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