Identify Key Drivers, Find Life Balance


What direction are you headed?  Is the ride smooth or bumpy, slow-moving or cruising along? Draw the wheel and find out what is driving your LIFE!

We live multifaceted lives and achieving a perfect life balance is a science and an art. While we are racing from activity to activity, our life can go off balance without us quite realizing it. Or knowing what to do about it. It is important to assess if the focus you are putting in one area of your life is costing too much in other areas that matter to you as well.

The Wheel of Life is an easy assessment that can be done individually or in a group and provides you with the opportunity to take a step back and assess the level of fulfillment in your life. It is powerful because after completing it, you have a clear visual representation of the state of your life currently and can be compared with your ideal version.  

Set up time with your Coach to work on this together.


   Key Benefits

  • Gain perspective on one’s life fulfillment and life balance with visual representation.
  • Understand the key drivers and areas of improvement in your life.
  • A starting point to decide which direction to go next and make intentional choices.
  • A baseline guide to measure progress over time vs. your ideal wheel.


Using the Tool

1) Download – You can either download the free worksheet below and work on it directly, or open it and print a copy.

2) Review dimensions – Take a look at each of the dimensions listed below and make any modifications that are needed to best suit your current life priorities. For example, family can mean parents or your partner and children; career could include education if you are currently in school.

3) Assess each dimension (current) – Once you are familiar with each area of your life, it is time to assess your fulfilment or attention to each area. This method assumes that different areas of your life may need different attention at different times to create balance. The highest rating is not always the best rating for you. Consider each area and circle the best number for you on a scale from 0 (low) – 5 (high).

4) Draw your Wheel – Join up the circles with a line between each area.  

5) Choose your Ideal –  Consider what your ideal fulfillment would look like in each area, again this does not need to be a 5 for each area. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for the Ideal Wheel by marking the ideal circles on the Wheel and connecting the marks.


Interpreting your Wheel

What is the shape of your wheel, is it big creating momentum in your life, or is it small and narrow, is it round or lop-sided? A wide wheel indicates stability, feelings of abundance where a narrow, small wheel can reflect feelings of lethargy and frustration. A smooth circle indicates balance of attention in multiple areas, a crooked wheel will highlight the areas of attention and areas of neglect.


Taking Action

Now that you have a clear picture of your current and ideal life balance maps, where are the gaps?

  • Look for dents or low areas of the wheel as those are great places to focus your actions to increase your overall fulfillment.
  • Ask the question, “In what ways does this circle relate to my life at this point in time?”
  • Take one slice of the wheel and look determine what your life would look like if you increased your number by one. Then, create action steps in your life to increase your number and thus adding to your overall fulfillment.
  • Take some time to live with your results and see what insights come up for you in the moment.

Complete page 2 of your free worksheet, Wheel of Life Action Steps by planning what action is required to regain balance and increase momentum in your life. What areas are draining your energy, what can you do to stop this and where can you add energy and time in your life instead? Take time to write down your new commitments or contact Leena to choose action together in your free consultation (CTA – Contact Leena).

Worksheet: Wheel of Life  – Click here to download the PDF

Now that you have a clear picture of where the bumps and jolts are coming from, contact me to star putting together your Complimentary action plan to address them!  (CTA: Contact Leena).

Additional Resources – Click here to download the PDF

To change the direction of your leadership, download this free worksheet and follow the steps above. Write down what you would need to do to get closer to your ideal as a leader at work or at home. Set up time with Leadership Coach Leena and get started on your accomplishment goals (CTA: Contact Leena)