Good manners are often an outward expression directed towards treating others with courtesy, respect, and kindness.  If we value good manners to others, it begs the question, why don’t we treat ourselves to the same?

A little kindness for our selves, a little respect for our personal time can go a long way in creating a more peaceful, balanced lifestyle.  It’s a little ice-cream treat for the soul!

Slowing down

Instead of racing around and fulfilling every family, friend and work obligation imposed upon us just to be “polite” – we could stop ignoring our self-calendars that are crying out for some love and attention.

So how can we make it happen?  I tried it, almost by accident!

And it was so much fun to finally go to my Yoga class and come home, curl up on the couch and watch that movie that has been sitting in my Netflix queue for weeks.  I felt like I was finally taking care of me.  So being a quick learner, I decided to try it intentionally…this time – and it felt even better!

For all of those out there who yearn to create a life space that includes you, here is the a life balance tip that was a game-changer.

Planning for you

It’s beautiful because it is so simple – you just PLAN IT!!!

Prioritize yourself and literally put yourself on the calendar!   Whether it’s a regular week-night or a weekend or just a random time that works at that time, it helps to actually write it in, or rather punch it into your various smart-phone device calendars.

For the tireless Moms out there (and Dads), this could be a night of the week that you plan to get a babysitter each week so that you can make plans with yourself and take care of the crazy closet with clothes falling out or go through your mail and magazines in peace.

So the next time someone texts to see what you’re doing next Wednesday night, take a look at your calendar and you might have to say, oops, sorry, got plans tonight!

Now go home and enjoy your First Date Night with yourself and let me know how it goes!!