A manager says “Go!” while a leader says “Let’s go!” A good leader knows the difference between simply managing and effective leadership. A good leader knows the value of her team and understands these three things are crucial when guiding a group to a shared vision:


Instead of coming up with all the ideas and solutions herself, a good leader asks her team for recommendations. It’s important to not only encourage various perspectives but also involve others in the process for engagement and buy-in.


A good leader also knows that to lead your team, you have to first know your team. To listen to them instead of being the one doing all the talking; to spend time understanding their strengths and weaknesses and forming a connection.


A good leader understands the value of quality decision-making. While she is the one in charge and ultimately accountable, she also spends time sharing and training, which enables a level of autonomy within her team. This, in turn, empowers others to make well thought-out decisions and gives them the confidence to take measured risks.

Ultimately a good leader knows she can’t do it all herself – so she builds a dedicated and powerful team and network around her to make them unstoppable together!


This article was first published on www.womenworking.com/profile/leena-roy/